NFB of SD State President:
Kennneth Rollman.
903 Fulton Street.
Rapid City, SD 57701.
Phone: (605) 721-3311.

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The South Dakota State Flag

The flag of the state of South Dakota represents the U.S. state of South Dakota with a field of sky blue charged with a version (in navy blue on white) of the state seal in the center, surrounded by gold triangles representing the sun's rays, surrounded in turn by inscriptions in gold sans-serif capitals of "SOUTH DAKOTA" on top and "THE MOUNT RUSHMORE STATE" (the state nickname) on the bottom. The inscription on the bottom was "THE SUNSHINE STATE" before it was changed in 1992. Read the full Wikipedia article.

NFB of SD Technology Center

International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind (IBTC)

The International Braille and Technology Center is a comprehensive evaluation, demonstration, and training center, complete with over $2.5 million worth of nearly all of the tactile and speech output technology now available to the blind, the IBTC serves as a rich resource for vendor-free advice on all aspects of access technology.

Web Accessibility Certification

The National Federation of the Blind has developed a rigorous procedure by which Web sites and applications that have made special efforts to be accessible to the blind can be identified and recognized known as the NFB Nonvisual Accessibility Web Certification.


Mark Riccobono, Director of the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute explores access technology for the blind with guests Anne Taylor and Preety Kumar, CEO of Deque Systems, Inc. in a series of videos called "Straight Talk About Vision Loss".

Technology Resource List

Do you need a comprehensive list of the latest access technology available? Check out our technology resource list! From notetakers to talking thermostats, you'll find the information you need, including contact information for the manufacturer.

Access Technology Blog and Tips

If you want more than just product information, try our Access Technology Blog for first-hand stories about using access technology. The latest tips for users can be found on Access Technology Tips.

Accessible Home Showcase

The National Federation of the Blind maintains a permanent display of usable appliances and small electronics at its National Headquarters in Baltimore to allow its members and members of the public to explore mainstream appliances that are usable to the blind. Our access technology staff has also put together a list of "usable" products with a description of the non-visual user interface; we say “usable” because we do not know of any modern household appliances that are completely accessible. However, this list of appliances will help make your search easier, providing you with product information as well as manufacturer information. If you are in the market for consumer products such as a washing machine or a microwave, take a look at this resource. To visit the Accessible Home Showcase, please contact Clara Van Gerven at 410-659-9314, ext. 2410.

Nonvisual Election Technology

Casting a secret ballot is a right most Americans take for granted. Speech output technology voting machines make it possible for blind and visually impaired people to cast a secret ballot privately and independently.