NFB of SD State President:
Kennneth Rollman.
903 Fulton Street.
Rapid City, SD 57701.
Phone: (605) 721-3311.

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The South Dakota State Flag

The flag of the state of South Dakota represents the U.S. state of South Dakota with a field of sky blue charged with a version (in navy blue on white) of the state seal in the center, surrounded by gold triangles representing the sun's rays, surrounded in turn by inscriptions in gold sans-serif capitals of "SOUTH DAKOTA" on top and "THE MOUNT RUSHMORE STATE" (the state nickname) on the bottom. The inscription on the bottom was "THE SUNSHINE STATE" before it was changed in 1992. Read the full Wikipedia article.

NFB State and National Conventions

Annual state and national conventions of the National Federation of the Blind are the largest meetings of the blind (or of persons with any disabilities) to be held anywhere in the world. The convention is the supreme authority and policy-making body of the National Federation of the Blind and is the voice of the nation's blind. Resolutions and policy statements are considered in plenary sessions throughout the convention period, (One week for national conventions, or a period of 1 to four days for NFB state conventions.) Decisions in the Federation are made by the blind themselves. NFB's elected leaders at all levels (local, state, and national) are blind, as is the vast majority of the membership. NFB is thus the collective voice of the nation's blind. Convention attendees include deligates and guests from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and numerous foreign countries. Most of those who attend are blind. NFB conventions give government representatives, agency administrators, and leaders in politics, business, and industry the opportunity to address and respond to a large nationwide audience primarily of individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The topics of interest include: relevant civil rights issues; rehabilitation of the blind for competitive employment; the operation of vending facilities by blind persons on public property; specialized library services for the blind; Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs; advancements in technology; the organization and funding of federal programs; and other timely topics. Legislative proposals, new laws, administrative policy, and program changes are all considered during the convention. Every year’s state or national convention is an absolutely unique event. The agenda items, the exhibits, the new friends and business acquaintances: all these give each convention its own character and significance. Some activities lend a luster to the convention in part because they do take place every year and provide helpful fixed points in the whirl of events. In this category are the meetings of the Resolutions Committee, and the board of Directors, the annual banquet, and the many seminars and workshops of the various divisions and committees.

Child Care

During the week of our national convention children between the ages of six weeks and twelve years are invited to join in the fun and festivities of NFB Camp. Child care at state conventions may or may not be offered and is a less organized convention activity. Thus it is the primary responsibility of the parents to arrange for this service to be provided during an NFB state convention. Much depends on the state affiliate's abillity to provide childcare and the availability of funding and staf to offer this service to parents attending the convention with young children. Check with your affiliate's president or state division of the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children, (NOPBC) provided your state has one.

NFB Camp offers more than just childcare; it is an opportunity for the blind and sighted children of convention attendees to meet and develop lifelong friendships. The activity schedule is filled with games, crafts, outings to local attractions, and special performances designed to entertain, educate, and delight.


All attending state or national conventions are encouraged to register. The registration fee is set by the affiliate hosting the convention. and Likewise registration is open at specified times during the convention; usually when the convention is not in general session. It also assures attendees will qualify for the special hotel room rates we've gotten throughout the years. An increasing number of NFB affiliates and the national organization now permit attendies to preregister on-line to receive reduced rates and to avoid the long registration lines that tend to occur, particularly during the national convention. Convention registration enables us to verrify that you are attending the NFB Convention, and are entitled to our special room rates. Otherwise all who attend the convention must register in person!.

During convention registration you will receive a name tag you must wear at all times during the convention as additional proof that you are attending a state or National convention of the National Federation of the Blind. Preregistrants, and those registering at the convention can purchess banquet tickets, and obtain the full convention program for the entire week. These programs are made available in print, and Braille and in some cases can be downloaded from the affiliate's Web Site if they have one or received via E-mail. This is also a great time to sign up for convention tours if offered by the host affiliate, unless you have done so prior to coming to the convention.


Our convention tours give you the opportunity to learn about the local traditions, lifestyles, and culture of the area of our convention site besides giving you the chance to take a break from the hustle, and bustle of convention activities, and to get a second wind before the remaining convention agenda. Information regarding tours planned for national convention are available in specific Issues of The Braille Monitor prior to the convention, and make it possible for you to plan your site seeing, and sign up for tours prior to coming to the convention. Check with your state affiliate's president or designated person for the availability of tours being offered by the host affiliate.


Our various Committee, Division, meetings, and other convention activities are held in different rooms in the headquarters hotel, and in other facilities depending on the availability of space, and the nature of the activity. Plenary sessions are usually held in the hotel's Grand Ballroom located in the headquarters Hotel beginning on the fourth day of the national convention, or on the second day of state conventions. They will continue through the last day of the convention. During these sessions, all attendees assemble in state or chapter delegations much like a political convention.


The convention includes a large, well-attended banquet usually held in the Grand Ballroom at the headquarters Hotel beginning at 7:00 p.m., on the evening of the fifth day of the national convention and at specified times and places during NFB state conventions. The banquet's program for the evening will feature an address by NFB President, Marc Maurer. or by the NFB national representative attending a state convention. The banquet is the high point, of an NFB state or national convention. The President or national representative in his or her address reviews our past accomplishments, our present status, and the outlook for the future. The NFB President's annual banquet addresses are moving and highly regarded. Several have been published in Vital Speeches of the Day. The banquet program also includes the presentation of scholarships to outstanding blind students along with many other awards, and special recognissions. Further information about scholarships available from the NFB can be found on our Scholarship Information page.

Convention Information

To help those planning to attend our annual state and national conventions, and other national events we have created this Convention information Area of our Web Site to assist those planning to attend our conventions.

There are links to additional information about NFB and NFB of South Dakota Conventions on the lefthand side of the page that will be of interest to those wishing to attend an NFB state or national Convention. They deal with particular aspects of our conventions and offer tips for getting the most out of this life-changing event.

NFB conventions, particularly the national convention can be an over whelming experience for those attending for the first time. The link below leads to information which will be of interest to individuals attending their first ever National Federation of the Blind convention. The first link in the list below will take you to the conventions area of our national Web Site where you can learn about past NFB national and state conventions as well as obtain additional information concerning the up-coming national convention not featured on this Web Site.